Industry training

Fundamentals of Flour Milling Course

AEGIC periodically offers industry training in baking and milling at our Sydney premises (formerly the Bread Research Institute). The courses offer people in the wheat and allied industries a chance to learn the fundamentals of flour milling and baking.

The courses are always very well received.

Courses can be organised outside the scheduled times when there is sufficient demand. For more information please call (02) 8025 3200.


Fundamentals of Flour Milling

Fundamentals of Baking

Cancellation policy

With a month’s notice a 100% reimbursement can be provided. However, in most cases, if an attendee is unable to make the course, most companies choose to book them into the next course and the fee is carried over.

If we get less than four weeks notice we deduct a booking fee of $200.

If we get less than two weeks notice we deduct a booking fee of $300.


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