Employee spotlight – Junhong Ma

Monday 30 January, 2017

The AEGIC team is made up of a diverse range of industry professionals, including grain quality scientists, market analysts, economists, and communications experts and more.

Beginning in 2017, we will regularly feature one of our fantastic team members on the AEGIC website.

Junhong Ma

Wheat Quality Research Officer

What is your current role?

I am a Wheat Quality Research Officer, managing baking in the laboratory for the Australian Wheat for Asia Baking (AWAB) project. This project is about understanding how to use Australian wheat for wheat-based baked goods to get the best results to suit Asian tastes.

Why do you love working at AEGIC?

Our work adds value to Australian agricultural products, hence promoting the whole agriculture industry.

What is your academic and work background?

I hold a BSc (Bachelor of Science) and a MSc (Master of Science) in agricultural sciences. Since my graduation with my MSc in 1988, I worked as university lecturer teaching research methodology, and also as a research officer studying plant tissue culture, genetic engineering, DNA marker assisted breeding, wheat proteomics and wheat quality.

Why should people consider a career with AEGIC?

The importance of the work at AEGIC and the potential career development make AEGIC a wonderful employer!