Employee spotlight – Ika Kartikarini

Thursday 16 March, 2017

The AEGIC team is made up of a diverse range of industry professionals, including grain quality scientists, market analysts, economists, and communications experts and more.

Ika Kartikarini

Grain Quality Technical Officer

What is your current role?

I am a Grain Quality Technical Officer in the AEGIC Wheat Laboratory doing various testing assessments on Australian wheat. I occasionally assist in the Barley Laboratory as well.

Why do you love working at AEGIC?

I love having access to flexible working hours.

What are your qualifications?

Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology).

What was your experience prior to working with AEGIC?

I have been working in the laboratory since I graduated from Curtin University. I started as a work experience student back in 2007 and got the job in 2008. Therefore, it is my first full time job until now.

Why should people consider a career with AEGIC?

Flexible working hours, central location, free parking & multicultural!