Opportunities with AEGIC

AEGIC is a dynamic research, development and market intelligence organisation focused on increasing the competitiveness of Australia’s export grain.

We have offices in Perth and Sydney staffed by highly qualified and experienced scientists and industry experts.

Environmental corporate portraits of AEGIC Management Staff and Scientists

Benefits of working with AEGIC

This dynamic and innovative organisation offers you family-friendly flexible working conditions, wellbeing initiatives and a workplace where your personal and professional development is supported.

Values and culture

AEGIC strives to be an employer of choice and is committed to supporting a values-based culture that drives our vision and facilitates a safe, harmonious and productive workplace.

AEGIC’s five core values are Integrity and Respect; Leadership; Innovation; Excellence and Collaboration.

These values make up Our Values Touchstone.

The Values Touchstone is integrated into everything the business does including how AEGIC recruits, manages, communicates, recognises and interacts with our staff, clients, collaborators and the wider community.

Employee spotlight

The AEGIC team is made up of a diverse range of industry professionals, including grain quality scientists, market analysts, economists, and communications experts and more. Read more about our amazing workforce in our regular Employee Spotlight.

Feburary 2017:

Junhong Ma  Wheat Quality Research Officer

March 2017:

Ika Kartikarini  Grain Quality Technical Officer

Positions Vacant