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The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre supports the trade and use of Australian grains around the world through cutting-edge grain quality and processing technology and market research innovation.

Key clients include stakeholders across the supply chain, ranging from Australian grain producers, plant breeders, marketers and traders, to millers, processors and consumers.

AEGIC provides national leadership and enables collaboration and capacity-building in Australia’s export grain industry with the end goal of returning enhanced value to growers.

Latest News

  • Thursday 20 October, 2016

    The world of noodles

    DID YOU KNOW? The Asian noodle market represents over one-third of Australia’s wheat exports! Click for high resolution

  • Friday 14 October, 2016

    Agricultural productivity is helping feed the world

    The following can be attributed to AEGIC Economics and Business Analysis Manager Professor Ross Kingwell. A seemingly constant refrain from industry leaders and politicians is that we need to work smarter…

  • Monday 12 September, 2016

    Russia’s wheat industry: Implications for Australia

    Please scroll down to download full report.  In brief: AEGIC’s second Black Sea report — Russia’s wheat industry: Implications for Australia — has been released (the first report, on Ukraine,…

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